Danny Tillman for San Bernardino School Board



San Bernardino City Unified School District Member, Governing Board

  • Homegrown, graduated San Bernardino HS, San Bernardino Valley College, and CSU San Bernardino
  • County Information Technology Administrator
  • Promotes District fiscal transparency & responsibility
  • Recognized for his leadership to increase graduation rates and classroom technology
Abigail Mendina for San Bernardino School Board



San Bernardino City Unified School District Member, Governing Board

  • Parent & Community leader over 25 years
  • Founded Talented & Gifted in the Inland Empire, a non-profit supporting parents
  • Advocate for increased parental engagement
  • Led strategic effort resulting in the District’s Community Engagement Plan
Barbara Flores for San Bernardino Education



San Bernardino City Unified School District Member, Governing Board

  • University of Arizona Ph.D.  in Literacy, Higher Education Administration & Bilingual Education
  • College Professor, California State University, San Bernardino
  • Educational & Learning expert and published author
  • Acclaimed expert on biliteracy and public education
Mikki Cichocki for San Bernardino School Board


Retired Educator

San Bernardino City Unified School District Member, Governing Board

  • Teaching Credential from the University of Redlands and BA from CalPoly Pomona
  • An experienced classroom teacher, retired from San Bernardino City Schools with experience in elementary, middle, and  high school education.
  • Successfully worked with at-risk students giving them a pathway to college.
  • Renowned for forging collaboration among parents, teachers, and community leaders for student success

About Us

We are a coalition of Parents, Teachers, Educators, Local Businesses, and Community Leaders who support quality education in San Bernardino.

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San Bernardino School Board

Danny Tillman, Abigail Medina, Barbara Flores, and Mikki Cichocki were exemplary during the crisis, quickly responding to the need for distance learning so that our children and teachers would remain safe.

They provided free meals to students during the pandemic, keeping children from going hungry.  

Recognizing the need to feed our children has only increased, they worked with state and federal authorities to expand San Bernardino’s free meal program to all 74 district schools.


With a 90% graduation rate, Danny Tillman, Abigail Medina, Barbara Flores and Mikki Cichocki are providing our children with every opportunity to succeed as College and Career Ready students.  

Under their expert leadership, San Bernardino schools are a model of success.


Danny Tillman, Abigail Medina, Barbara Flores and Mikki Cichocki responded quickly and efficiently to ensure that every student was prepared with a computer and internet access for distance learning.  

In so many ways, they are preparing our children for 21st Century careers.


Increased parental engagement, safe schools & safe routes, campus wellness centers, and reduced suspensions & expulsions are just a few ways that Danny Tillman, Abigail Medina, Barbara Flores and Mikki Cichocki are increasing educational quality in our district.

Don't Forget to Vote!

Ballots are mailed out on October 10 and must be postmarked by  November 8!

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What Our Supporters are Saying

Joy to work with! Upbeat! Great sense of humor! Refreshing! One of the best I ever worked with in my 25 years in the District!

–Joe Woodford, Chief Negotiator for the SBCUSD

You can definitely count on my vote come November.  Barbara truly cares about the employees and our students! 

— Linda Alvarez

A vote for Dr. Barbara Flores means: (1) Inspiration for students to achieve; (2) accountability and integrity; and (3) A positive voice for our schools. 

— Dr. Elsa Valdez

Mikki is the best! There is no finer choice for the benefit of our students.

— Tobin Brinker

Since 2014, Abigail has spoken up and made tough decisions on behalf of students, parents, and staff. SBCUSD among many other school districts is at a crossroads. Her continued leadership is needed now more than ever to provide resources and policies that support the values of San Bernardino families. 

— Rocio Aguayo

Mikki is a vote for dedication to get the job done for the good of the students and staff. Mikki has been involved in education all her life. She is the right one to be on the SBCUSD Board of Education.

–Angie Alvino retired teacher

Danny is a proven leader who listens to the community and is not afraid to go above and beyond to help our students have the resources they need to be successful.

— Sharon Sadrudeen

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